Granaka Pink

Is a pomegranate juice wonderful, with the acid and red characteristic color of this variery. 

wonderful variety is one of the well known worldwide, this is produced is several countries, but Spain quality is one of the best ones because of aroma and taste


Our sun, and our mediterranean clima  made that our fruit has an intense aroma and great characteristics.

The pomegranate juice wonderful is the base of all pomegranate juices, as others pom juices, also is full of antioxidantas and natural  punicalagins of the fruit.

The fruit is squeezed and filled innediately to make a fresher, pure and red natural color product.

This pomegranate juice wonderful is very apreciated in asian and american markets, were are increasing demand each day, mainly spainsh quality because of our great qualtity






granaka rosa - zumo de granada wonderful