Wonderful Acid

Pomegranate juice wonderful

Is a pomegranate juice wonderful, with the acid and red characteristic color of this variery. 

wonderful variety is one of the well known worldwide, this is produced is several countries, but Spain quality is one of the best ones because of aroma and taste

Our sun, and our mediterranean clima  made that our fruit has an intense aroma and great characteristics.

The pomegranate juice wonderful is the base of all pomegranate juices, as others pom juices, also is full of antioxidantas and natural  punicalagins of the fruit.

The fruit is squeezed and filled innediately to make a fresher, pure and red natural color product.

This pomegranate juice wonderful is very apreciated in asian and american markets, were are increasing demand each day, mainly spainsh quality because of our great qualtity


VAT (10%) not included.
Price for 1 box of 6 bottles
Minimum order quantity 1 pallet with 750 trays 6x

Price EXW Spain


Sweet Mollar

Pomegranate juice sweet mollar

Is a pomegranate juice Mollar, known in Spain as  sweet seed ” piñon dulce”. Because of his aroma and taste this is one of the most apreciated pomegranates worldwide.

 It has a characteristic sweet taste, red pale color and intense flavor.

As others pomegranate varieties, this one is also full of healthy properties as :

  • Antioxidants
  • Potasium
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Cooper
  • Zink
  • Vitamins C, B and E

Tradicionally this variety has been planted in all spanish farmers houses for autocompsumtion and always has been very difficult to find this fruit in the market.

There is a traditional desert where pom arils has been prepared with sugar an wine, to be presented as a last course.

Into the most important markets/ customers of Mollar varieties we have Germany, France, United Kindom or Nethelands.

With Granaka purple you can have a pomegranate juice mollar 100% with the best quality.


VAT (10%) not included.
Price for 1 box of 6 bottles.
Minimum order quantity 1 pallet with 750 trays 6x
Price Exw Spain


Granaka Mix

Pomegranate juice 100% mix

Pomegranate juice 100% Granaka is a mix of wonderful and Mollar Variety. This a perfect balance between sweet an acid taste.

This premium juice has the red intense color of Wonderful variety and sweet taste of Mollar pomegranates.

The juice is squeezed in season and stocked frozen, till the day that we make the mix of both varieties.

Pomegranate juice Benefits:

This pomegranate juice add all benefits of some varieties, inducling the high percentage punicalagins of varieties added.

Granaka yellow pomegranate juice recipe:

This variety includes some varieties mixed before squeezed. We squeeze fruit and maintain juice frozen till the day of produce bottles, where we mix in the perfect percentaje to get the right product


VAT (10%) not included.
Price for 1 box of 6 bottles.
Minimun order 1 pallet with 750 trays x6 bottle

Price EXW Spain


Organic Mix

Pomegranate juice organic:

Granaka green Organic pomegranate juice is the healthiest Grakana juice. We mix organic pomegranates of wonderful and mollar varieties to get the perfect valance of acid taste with the properties of organic quality.

The mix of both varieties makes that we can ger te red intense of Wonderful and the sweet and great aroma of Mollar.

Our organic pom. juice is certified and has all the warranties of quality and taste. Manufacturing process of organic qualities start years before of fruit picking, to be sure that is juice 100% organic

Regulary we make analitycs and are audited to certified our organic certifications 

Organic productios has, not only the antioxidant properties of pomegranate juice but also the organic farming benefits.


VAT (10%) not included.
Price for 1 box of 6 bottles.

Minimum order quantity 1 pallet with 750 trays 6x

Price EXW Spain


Ponegranate Concentrate

Granaka Pomegranate concentrate:

This is a pomegranate concentrate with some ingredients to improve taste and flavour, designed to produce home drinks. This product is perfect to make drinks, coctails (like spanish sangria) or to add to desserts.

This concentrate includes skin pomegranate extract to improve punicalagins inside.

Our pomegranate concentrate is available in bottle 200 ml and also in pouch 100 ml.


To use this concentrate only need to mix one part of this concentrate with 3 part of water to get a ready to drink.

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