Hello, we are Granaka!


GRANAKA is pomegranate 100%


About Granaka pomegranate juice and baor products  group is a history of  pomegranate  squeezed  juice. Granaka is a part of the company  Baor Products group, an enterprise with a large history in food and juice process in Spain.

Our relation with pomegranate is from years ago, when we had a family business into the fruit productions and pomegranate fruis.

Our pom juice and pomegranate concentrates, are from a premium, tasty and healthy range that has been checked and controlled by our quality department.

Inside our quality system we are also organic certified to offer not only Vegan and Vegetarian but also organic qualities.

Our Granaka range is suitable for vegan and vegetarian foodies.

We are a young company, adapted to the times and in continuos knowledge, and involved with the environment.
Our R& D department is always looking for new flavours and developments to add to our products range.

Company history:

The history of our company starts in the 50´s when  Juan Bermejo Pérez, founder and head of the family, started out in one of the biggest canning groups in Spain. His great talents and skills let him promote quickly.
At the age of 15 he had been promoted to National Sales Manager.
In 1965 he was in charge of a renowned factory  in Navarra. After 10 years, he decided to go back to Murcia focusing on sales of emerging products such as juices and fruit juices, where we owned some fruit fields. He developed a sales network to distribute and deliver nationally.

From 1975 to 1991

In 1975 Juan found room to grow and decided to set up his own business becoming a sales representative of his own products that included almost all fruits and vegetables produced in Spain (pomegranate, orange, tomato, peach, apricot, strawberry and so on). Due to his solid business relationships with manufactures and suppliers, Juan had access to high quality products and raw materials that used for his own brand.
When the canning industry was influenced by new technologies, a new market niche arose influencing our range of products. This helped us diversify our production and sell both raw material and canning and bottling products.

From 1991 to present time

In this times we have bet for the quality in our manufacturer products and reseach, with our partners and distributor arround the world.
baor products has growth with the best food national and international industries during many years .
With Granaka we return to our origins, combining all the knowledge of many years dedicating ourselves to fruit and raw materials together, with the knowledge  of the juice sector, where we only offer the best pomegranate squeezed juice,  quality and support.