Pomegranate natural juice made in Spain


Granaka is a pure squeezed pomegranate juice. We mix o bottled some varieties  single to get a great range of pomegranate products. All filling in glass bottle 750 ml because it is the most enviomental friendly packing and 100% recyclable, and label coloured diferenced.

In our website you can find information and  buy pomegranate juice of  the best quality of varieties:

GRANAKA PINK, is made from wonderful varieties, this juice has a characteristic acid taste and red coloured.

GRANAKA PURPLE, is made from mollar varieties, this juice has a characteristic sweet taste with pale red colour. This juice is very apreciated in Spain and called ” de piñon dulce” ( sweet stone) because of his aroma and weet taste.

GRANAKA YELLOW, is made from the mix of wonderfull and mollar varieties, this juice has a perfect sweet / acid balance.

GRANAKA GREEN, is made from the mix of wonderful and mollar varieties in organic quality, tis juice has a perfect sweet /acid balance with an organic certified quality.

GRANAKA DARK PINK,  is a pomegranate concentrate with some ingredients to improve taste and flavour. Desgned to produce home drinks. This product is perfect to make drinks, coctails ( like spainsh sangria or to add pure do desserts or salads.

The main characteristics of Pomegranate juice is antioxidant properties. There are a lot of scientific studies that hels to control oxidative extrees of cells and helps to control virus infections. Also it is worldwide known that Pomegranate juice helps to prevent osteoarthritis and helps to prevent cancer risk.Those juices has all the benefits of pomegranate, punicalagin and elagic acid. They are a great healthy help in these times of virus infections.

Pomegranate juice NFC is an amount of potasium, vitamin C and vitamin B ( Niacin). Pomegranate juice contains natural antioxidants that also helps to control colesterol levels. Some investigations also said that block ACE protein.

Drink diarly pomegranate juice helps to maintain blood pressure and PSA levels stable and reduces risk of cardiovascular  diseases

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At Baor Products we also produce pomegranate concentrate, as well as pomegranate juice and with our THF brand we also encapsule pomegranate seeds oil (omega 5) to have a whole range of pomegranate products https://thehealthfactory.es/omega5/.  

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